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Suspect water leak on hot feed

Leak Detection Survey to find a suspected water leak on the hot feed.

Area infected: Utility Room

Before our visit:
The client has noticed water surfacing from under the units in the utility room. The plumber has pressure tested the central heating system and this appears to be holding pressure. Overnight, the client turned off the cold feed to the hot cylinder and drained down the taps, this seems to alleviate the leakage which suggests that the leak is possibly on the hot feed.

Our Leak Detection Results:

Thermography test: Thermography was carried out on the floor tiles, what is beleived to be the Central Heating pipework as tee offs can be seen on the runs.Thermography was attempted under the cupboard and it shows a hot area in front of where the hot feed rises from the screed, this may be the area of leakage however thermography is not very successful unless performed directly from above (no access under cupboards)

Acoustical testing was carried out to the hot pipe and a distinct leak noise was audible.

Tracer Gas (HNO) & Hydrogen detector:
The hot feed was isolated and tracer gas was injected into the pipework from the WM valve and immediately the gas was audible escaping around the pipe where it exits the screed. Large tracer gas readings were also obtained around the pipe. This suggests that the leak is nearby where the pipe exits the screed.

Moisture measurements were taken and the damp has spread throughout the kitchen and utility walls and floor screed. A water damage survey is recommended to see what would need stripping out and drying.

Rather than removing units and the belfast sink to repair the leak, it seems an option to re route the hot feed from point A at kitchen sink, surface mounted under the kick boards to point B in the utility as the only other hot water downstairs is the hot feed to the WC basin which drops down from above. To make sure before re routing, we recommend that the plumber cap the hot feed under the kitchen sink to make sure everywhere has hot water before carrying out the re route.

Leak Detection Specialists found the water leak and our customer was able to call out their plumber to repair the damaged pipe or to re-route as suggested above.

Leak Detection is the only solution, if there is a leak we will find it saving you money, time and unnecessary stress.

Posted on: 22nd February 2012


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