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Testimonials 2016 and 2017
Testimonial from our customers throughout the years.
March 2017
Paul Suggett from Bsure Property Solutions "We removed the Kardean flooring and screed and the leak was exactly where your engineer said, many thanks." (Date: 31/3/2017) Engineer: Mark Hodge

Mrs Michimayr , Wymondham, Norfolk "Please thank Russell for doing such a good job in finding the mains water leak. The leak was where he said it was, it has now been fixed and her water pressure is better than ever. My 13 year old Grand Daughter was taken by surprise at the pressure from the shower!"(Date: 30/3/2017) Enginner: Russell

Mrs M Watling, Great Dunmow, Essex "He was very helpful and explained clearly what we needed to do to rectify the problem which was more than the previous two surveyors we had employed had done !One surveyor was from a damp proofing company so I don't think I will get them to do the work as he said he didn't know what was causing the problem." (Date: 30/3/2017) Engineer: Russell

Michael Powell, Malmesbury Wiltshire "Both of your engineers Bernie and Mark were courteous helpful and knowledgeable and took great care to thoroughly investigate the cause of our central heating problem. A leak was eventually found and a comprehensive report issued. It may interest you to know that yours was the second leak detection company to come to our property over the last few months the first company being absolutely USELESS (name supplied on request). In complete contrast LDS approached the problem most professionally, used many and various methods to detect the leak and during the process we were kept fully updated. It is rare nowadays to find a service that is unarguably value for money and I would have no hesitation in recommending LDS for problems of this sort. Please pass-on our thanks to Bernie and Mark."(Date: 28March 2017) Engineers: Bernie Clark and Mark Notman

Sandra Hynes, Canvey Island "Russell was a complete professional and talked us through all aspects of the leak detection along with this recommendations. thank you. "(Date: 28/3/2017) Engineer: Russell Noble

Rosemary Hill, Abbots Leigh, Somerset "While I think it's a fabulous service, quick and efficient, systematic and state of the art technology, £500 net of VAT would have been my ideal price! Very courteous and gave reasons for the process and any questions he asked. ..and was incredibly patient when the dogs were weaving around him while he was doing difficult work." (Date 22 March 2017) Engineer:

Mr R Parker, Pulborough, West Sussex"Couldn’t be better." (Date: 6th March 2017) Engineer: James Page

February 2017
Mr G Barber Haverhill, Suffolk "Could I please just add that I found you Engineer extremely polite and helpful, treating my home with the upmost care. Hopefully he has identified the leak site accurately so that we may get the leak exposed and fix with the minimum of damage possible." (Date: 24/02/2017) Engineer:

Cliff Scott, Louth, Lincolnshire "Really pleased with the thoroughness of the engineer. I can now relax in the knowledge that the leak was identified and that I have no need to incur more expense in repairs." (Date: 23/2/2017). Engineer: Russell Noble

James Cumming "James worked very thoroughly all day and with a very good final result. Very pleased with his work." (Date: 22/02/2017) Engineer: James Page.

M O’Brien, Woldingham, Surrey "The service is expensive but value for money. Top quality. The engineer, Gregor, was really focused and skillful. He identified were the leak was withing a couple of hours - other leak detection companies had failed to find it. Amazing job." (Date: 22/02/17) Engineer: Grigor

Mrs A Neff, Annchorage, Neath Rod, Dereham, Norfolk. "He was very considerate and explained things very well. I could not have asked for a pleasanter, more thoughtful and more informative person. "(Date: 15/2/2017). Engineer: Russell

Mr C Gillet, Brough, East Yorks "Brett was very professional & located the exact spot in 3 hours." (Date: 15/2/2017) Engineer: Brett

Robin Bowerman, Collingham, Nottinghamshire "Brett was very meticulous with the survey taking his time on what is quite a difficult problem to diagnose. He answered all our questions and his report was excellent and covered all the points it would do to help us get the plumber to attend to the work." (Date: 9/2/2017) Engineer: Brett

Graeme Burgess "Fantastic service. Arrived on time; extremely knowledgeable; predicted that the fault lay with the boiler from the description I gave, even before testing the integrity of the pipework. Once complete check had been made, the original prediction was confirmed as the problem; the fault was, in fact, the heat exchanger. The company that take care of the system had been called out twice before; their view was that the fault lay with the integrity of the pipework, and not the boiler. The full check confirms categorically that the fault is the boiler, so I will get back in touch with my central heating cover company. Though this has cost me the excess amount on my house insurance, it has been well worthwhile because I had been convinced by the heating cover company that the fault was the pipework and was thinking of excavating all floorboards and glad I called LDS! Fantastic response; fantastic knowledge; superb service. Would definitely recommend this company." (google review) Date: 9/02/2107. Engineer Dylan

Vinod Kachhela, Leicester "I found Mr Rusell to be very polite, professional and sympathetic to how worried I was regarding tracing the water leak . He assured me LDS have the right equipment that Will find the leak . I am so relieved that the leak was found, and pleased to recieve a detailed report and recommendations. Thank you ."(Date: 3/2/2017) Russell Noble

Maria Tyrrell, Harleston, Norfolk "Russell was very polite and friendly and kept us informed at all times and he found the leak." (Date: 3/02/2017) Russell Noble

Stephan Whitaker, Bordon , East Hampshire "The engineer Russell was extremely efficient, informative and, most importantly, found the leak. We have a very old house but this was no problem for Russell. He was very pleasant to deal with." (Date: 2/2/2017) Engineer: Russell Noble.

January 2017
Gordon Stewart (Google Review) "Excellent, efficient and friendly service, job well done." (Date: 31/01/14) Engineer: Russell Noble

David Brewster, Hull "The process of detection by the engineer was very thorough. Eventually two leaks were found using hydrogen/nitrogen tracer gas. They were from central heating pipes under the solid floors. LDS checked the rest of the house thoroughly and provided a professional report for our insurers. The leaks were not where we suspected and so saved us a lot of unnecessary digging!" (Date: 25/01/2017) Engineer:

C A Gillett, Brough, E Yorks "He was a very pleasant & conciencious individual." (Date: 23/01/2017) Engineer: Dylan

Mrs Clare Challenger, Ely, Cambridgeshire "Excellent service, knowledgeable and thorough engineer who found our leak." (Date: 19/01/2017) Engineer: Russell Noble

Derek Tennent (Google review) "I experienced a sudden loss of pressure in my boiler. Boiler Man said it was not the boiler so had to be a leak in the central heating system. LDS were very efficient and were able to get their engineer to me the following day. He carried out a very thorough survey of my 3 bedroomed house using state-of-the-art equipment and identified the leak as coming from the downstairs cloakroom. He was very pleasant, helpful and very results focused. He was determined to find the leak, and he did. I would definitely recommend this company." (Date: 18/01/17) Engineer Grigor

Andrea Lowndes (Google Review) "Excellent service. Really thorough and helpful." (Date: 9/01/2017) Engineer Bernie Clark

December 2016
Linda McCourt, Westbury, Wiltshire "So helpful, reassuring. Explanations clear concise. Professional excellent can't thank them enough." (Date: 16/11/2016) Engineer: Brett

November 2016
Christine Featherstone, Brecon, Wales."The engineer was very helpful and quickly exposed the leak and was very prompt in completing and sending his report to me." (Date: 16/11/2017) Engineer: Bernie Clark

October 2016
Martin Sheppard, Poole "I must say how pleased we were with his work. He turned up to time. Rang ahead as well. He was very professional and very thorough through out. He made a very good first impression and a credit to your company. He was able to trace the leak and offered advice on the repair as well. Whilst I hope not to need your services again too soon, I would not hesitate to use LDS and you would be my first call." (Date: 18.10.16) Engineer: James Page

Denise Milburn, Springwell Village, London "Asked for report early and were very helpful and sent by email as requested." (Date: 15/10/2017) Engineer: Dylan

Shantilal M Shah, Leicester "Thanks for the report and kind services. Very impressed and will recommend as and when the occasion arises." (Date: 5.10.16) Engineer: Dylan

September 2016
Christine Corner, Greystoke "Very pleasant, courteous, efficient and helpful. A credit to the company." (Date: 30.09.16) Engineer: Dylan

Mark Heald, London "Very professional and precise" (Date: 26.09.16) Engineer: Russell

Lisa May, Gwent "Absolutely superb took the time to explain all procedures and equipment to me and showed me the results to put my mind at ease." (Date: 22.09.16) Engineer: James Page

Tony Meaden, Beaconsfield "My husband and I just wanted to thank everyone for the really excellent service you have given us - Tony with the booking and the really wonderful Bernie Clark for his detailed "detective" work. We have spent nearly two years being fobbed off by our Idea Heating Engineer, saying that our boiler's constant drop in pressure was from a tiny hole in one of the copper pipes. All would be well once we found it. We now know that the boiler is the problem! We followed Bernie around the house, like groupies, as he inspected/tested every inch of the house where a leak could have occurred. We were completely fascinated. We felt that his investigative work yesterday fully justified the invoice cost." (Date: 13.09.16) Engineer: Bernie

Karen West, Sherfield on London "Very speedy service and genuine concern to want to help and respond to my original enquiry. A real credit to your organisation!" (Date: 03.09.16) Engineer: James Page

August 2016
John Belcher, Solihull "Everyone working in the office is most helpful, understanding and clear with their explanation and guidance in every aspect. A most professional team. Value for money - I don't know what anyone else charges, but LDS solve the problem. Bernie Clark is one of the best engineers & I have met a few! LDS need to pay him handsomely, since he is the face of the company and customers will recommend LDS on their experience of him." (Date: 4.08.16)Engineer: Bernie

July 2016
LDS customer in Surrey "First to say how impressed we were with the guy; his attitude and general approach were as good as we could ever have wished for. A charming person who got on with the job in an extremely nice way." (10.07.16) Engineer: Mark

June 2016
John Robinson, Doncaster "I would just like to say thank you for the work that you carried out for me. I have now exposed the leak area and confirmed your second findings for my property. I very much appreciate that when the first check proved wrong you responded so quickly to correct it with a second visit. I have no hard feelings about the first visit the gentleman that came believed he had found the problem and left, in our working life I’m sure we have all been there at least once. Thank you again." (Date: 10.06.16) Engineer: Brett

Mr Gurney, London "Very efficient service" (Date: 7.06.16) Engineers: Russell and Grigor

Rainbow International: " The Insured was very impressed with your engineer" (Date: 3.06.16)

May 2016
C C Bird, Edingburgh: "His name is Dylan Hughes and I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the work he undertook. He explained everything very clearly to me and was very professional and courteous in his approach. " (Date: 18.05.16) Engineer: Dylan Hughes.

Dr L Rogers-Beel, Horndean: "This engineer was a credit to L.D.S" (Date: 11.05.16)

April 2016
Matthew Jones, GF Grigg Construction Ltd: " The positive, professional attitude of your engineers was a breath of fresh air and like minded with the way we operate." (Date: 22.04.16) Engineer: Calvin.

Eric Lang, Braunton: "I was extremely impressed and could tell within a short time of his arrival that he was very professional and experienced" (Date: 15.04.16)Engineer: Bernie

Leora Neidle, London: "I am a resident of the Print House, 32 Aylesbury St, London EC1R 0ET. We have had several leaks in our building since it was renovated and made part residential in 2012. Our managing agents, Lamberts, organised a visit today which Barry attended. It is the second time he has attended site to locate the source of leaks. He is professional and very adept at finding the source - something others have not done on both occasions he was here." (Date: 1.04.16)Engineer: Barry Cronin

March 2016
Steve Barrett, London: "I just wanted to say that Dylan has been here most of today, arrived early and has not stopped even when having a cup of tea and it is now nearly 4.30pm. It was a hard job to locate he said but we think we now have a more accurate location of the leak albeit minor." (Date: 21.03.16) Engineer Dylan Hughes.

Carlos Alleyne, Loughton: "Very patient and meticulous, obviously experienced in this field judging from his approach" (Date: 07.03.16)

Ian Smith, Pinnacle Clacton: "Pinnacle Clacton are extremely happy with your responses and service and by the quality of staff you sent to undertake the investigation. This was by no means an easy task due to the lack of specific drawings relating to the CWS pipework and the routes. The engineer was very thorough and methodical in his investigation and after a scan of most of the site was able to identify a location that was in an area where it was very unlikely that there would have been water pipes – a first dig did not identify any leak but with further support and very much deeper than was believed possible a MCWS pipe was found and the advised location was right on top of a faulty coupling (one that had never been tightened from install). We would be happy to recommend you and will do should we come across others looking for support in this area – you are welcome top quote is based on these comments. Thanks again to you company and your local engineer for a speedy and professional response." (Date: 09.03.16)

Helen Clark, Alfriston: "Barry came to a callout at craft cottage he was brilliant and very efficient a credit to your company." (Date: 04.03.16) Engineer Barry.

Lesley Trattles, Salisbury: "A very pleasant and very proficient person and his assistant who were positive and gave full information of the work and investigation whilst it was being carried out. The highlight was the fact that out leak was detected successfully !!!!! Highly recommended and a credit to the Company - LDS -they represented." (Date: 03.03.16)
February 2016
Aaron Money Director of The Market Design and Build, London: " I was very Impressed with your engineer" (Date: 25.02.16) Engineer: Calvin.

Janet Marsh, Davron Building Services, Walmley: "Thank you for the prompt and excellent service again!" (Date: 17.02.16)

January 2016
Mr Caldwell"Calvin was very polite and professional and found the leak without any problems" (Date: 20.01.16) Engineer: Calvin.

Jogn Winship:"You engineer Barry called this morning and I can report the he successfully traced the leak. He has a pleasant personality and he is also a very clean and tidy worker. Professionally he is very competent and he was happy to discuss what he was doing. If all visiting engineers were in his league there would a lot fewer disgruntled clients." (Date: 21.01.16) Engineer: Barry.

Mr Brown from Suffolk: "The leak was exactly where your operative identified that it would be; not just the taped zone, but the actual spot hidden underneath 100mm-ish of concrete. Impressive!" (Date: 18.01.16) Engineer: Russell Noble.

Christine Pead "Your engineer Mark was fantastic, he was spot on in finding our leak, our engineer could not believe it!" (11.01.16) Engineer: Mark Hodge.

November 2015
John Newman from Harrow, Middlesex " I would like to express my sincere thanks following the visit of your senior engineer Barry Cronin to my premises in Harrow, Middlesex on Friday 13th November.
Following a drop in pressure to my megaflow system and extensive investigations by my plumber I was lead to believe that there was a leak in the pipework below the ground floor (as there was no evidence of a leak anywhere in the house). I referred the matter to LV insurance and one of your engineers visited. He could not find the leak. I contacted LV again and they suggested a second visit by a senior engineer.
On arrival Barry asked for my account of what had happened. Based on what I said i.e. that the pressure dropped quicker once the heating was on his initial reaction was that it was something to do with the boiler but he had a number of tests to carry out before coming to a final conclusion. Barry concluded that it was the heat exchanger in the boiler and an appointment was made with Worchester Bosch for Monday 16th November.The heat exchanger was exchanged and to date there has been no loss of pressure. Barry's approach was truly professional and he is obviously a dedicated and extremely competent engineer. Can you please pass on my thanks to Barry?" (25.11.15) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Howard Sear "I would like you to know how pleased I am with the service provided by your engineer today. He found the leak with great determination which was not easy to find and we are very happy." (Date: 25.11.15)

Mr Cartwell "Bernie was polite, professional and happy to explain what he was doing. He copied well with our slightly mad house with 2 small children and kept a positive attitude throughout, 6 hours of searching for the leak (whoiich he found), very happy Overall." (Date: 2.11.15) Engineer Bernie.

October 2015
Mrs Pugh "Very professional! Took them less than 45 minutes to detect the leak when three plumbers took days and found nothing! Very professional, knowledgeable and courteous." (Date: 26.10.15)

Danielle Evans, London "Many thanks for your attendance on Monday, it was very successful, the engineer identified the exact floor tile we needed to lift the next day to find the leak so thank you." (Date: 21.10.15)

Mr Mathews from Fleet Hampshire "Very impressed with the engineer that attended today, he was excellent and did a great job, thank you." (Date: 20.10.15) Engineer: Mark Hodge

Joe Aaron from Boreham, Hertfordshire "Thank you for your help. The engineer found the place where the leak was coming from, very happy thank you." (7.10.15) Engineer Brett

Daniel Swandale, Royal Naval Benelovent Trust, Gillingham Kent "Thank you for the in-depth report. Your engineer was very polite and professional and I would highly recommend him and your company. Thank you for your excellent service !" (6.10.15) Engineer: Russ

September 2015
Diane Perrin from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire "Brett was very thorough and very professional and I have praised your company to my insurance company and to their drainage specialists who will be fixing the leak. Thank you very much for your work, you have helped put my mind at rest." (Date: 28.09.15)

David Wardrick-Smith from Hemingford Grey, Huntington, Cambridgeshire "I felt entirely confident that Russell would find the location of my water leak. I was not disappointed. He was courtious, sympathetic and utterly professional. First Class service in every respect." (Date: 22.09.15) Engineer: Russ

Mrs Ajita Rupani from Northwood, Middlesex "The engineer was very thorough and patient and helped me trace the leak, which i am very grateful to him as I could get it sorted through my insurance." (Date: 8.09.15)

August 2015
Mr R Mallett from Melbourne, Derby "Prompt, Polite, Personable, Proficient and Professional". (20.08.15)

Dina Gkitziou from Barnet,London "Thank you very much your engineer did an excellent job abd we are very pleased with your service." (10.08.15) Engineer Russ
June 2015
John Bradley, Newquay Cornwall "Barney was calm, very responsive to questions and kept as in obtrusive as possible. We are a B&B and our guests were considered with understanding. The process was thorough and we were able to be with/ take part .although it took 4hours to find we are just so very glad to be in a position to repair it and be back to normal. We would recommend this company without hesitation." (17.06.15) Bernie
May 2015
April 2015
Daniel swift,WarwickshireLds done exactly what they promised turned up on time and pinpointed the leak on 2 mains water within 1 half hours. Engineer stayed on site until excavated to ensure leak detection was accurate. On a 24 metre length of mains water detection was within 200 mm of leak saved me a lot of time and money as the location was on a private road that had just been topped out.(10.04.15)
March 2015
Robert Cawte, CT9 3tb Gentleman who came was polite and went about his work very quickly and efficiently. He advised what we could do to stop the noise which we thought was a leak and in fact was dripping into a large tank(26.03.15)

Richard Dawes, Bromley Can I say thank you to yourself, the your team who I found extremely helpful and knowledgeable in finding the fault which lies with the boiler.(18.03.15) Mark, Bernie & Howard

Mike Futter, Great Yarmouth Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was at the service provided by your engineer yesterday. He was very competent and professional in the way he undertook his investigation works. He established exactly where the leak was and I consider the fee charged money well spent. (Date: 11.03.2015) Engineer: Russell

Caroline Judge, East Borough Primary School, Kent Just wanted to say a big thank you for the comprehensive, professional service & excellent report. (Date: 9.03.2015) Engineer: Barry and Howard
February 2015
Christine Pickering, Oxford I just wanted to let you know that I was delighted with Barry and Howard this morning, they arrived on time, and there obvious expertise was second to none. (Date: 27.02.2015) Engineer: Barry and Howard
January 2015
Keith Brown, Norwich Bernie was fantastic. Very agreeable despite having to collect/return keys from another location, and being given wrong ones! And was thorough, knowledgeable and communicative. His standard of service was much appreciated. (Date: 29.01.2015) Engineer: Bernie

Nicole Sabine, London Thanks so much. Bernie was an absolute star. And I filled out the survey accordingly. Thank you too Claudine for your help! (Date: 29.01.2015) Engineer: Bernie

Judy Bell, Cumbria Brett was punctual, courteous and knowledgeable. He identified the problem and dealt with it, which I did not expect. I anticipated that I would have to call a plumber/other professional once the leak was identified. I appreciate that a plumber is required to deal with the minor matter. I would recommend and thank Brett for his help, expertise and advice on a semi related matter regarding my boiler. Very professional. Thank you. Excellent service. (Date: 28.01.2015) Engineer: Brett

Mike Smith, Ascot Highly recommended. (Date: 14.01.2015) Engineer: Barry

Trevor Brown, Suffolk Russell was very professional, most courteous, quietly got on with it and found it. One could not ask for anything more. First Class. (Date: 14.01.2015) Engineer: Russell Noble

Mark Davies, Luton Excellent service thank you, would recommend. (Date: 13.01.2015) Engineer:

December 2014
Andrew Smith, Dorking Please pass our thanks to Mark & Colleague. The leak has now been fixed and reservoir back to normal level. (Date: 22.12.2014) Engineer: Mark Hodge

Keith Brown, Norwich First time I have used LDS but I would again without hestitation and will be recommeding Russell contacted me twice whilst he was on site and he came over as being very professional and knowledgable LDS to my colleagues. (Date: 17.12.2014) Engineer: Russell Noble

Derek Hancock, East Kilbride Without the use of your company I would have had to embark on pulling up every floorboard in my house, meaning lots of stress and mess. As it transpired, my leak was detected in the cavity wall of my home, where the central heating pipe goes through the wall. It was found by emptying my system and filling with tracer gas. I am glad I used yourselves and you found it in half a day without the need for hiring a plumber and joiner who would have turned my house upside down and never found anything as the leak was actually in the wall. Got npower out to replace the pipe and all has been ok for 3 days now. Thanks LDS. Highly recommended and appreciated. Oh, and I was covered through my Buildings Insurance for trace and access. (Date: 15.12.2014) Engineer: Brett Hughes

JAMES ETHERINGTON, Image Contracts, London I would and have already recommended LDS to other contractors /customers. (Date: 12.12.2014) Engineer:

Sylvia Amos, Hallow, Worcestershire Very pleasant and professional. (Date: 11.12.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Anne Bacon, Hemel Hempstead Very pleased with the service and engineer, thank you. (Date: 16.12.2014) Engineer: Brett Hughes
November 2014
Steve Smith, Torquay Thank you for the great job that your guys did this morning, they found the leak and it is holding pressure. (Date: 27.11.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Patricia Holmes, Gravesend My mother is housebound and felt very comfortable with your engineer 'Barry' in her home. I would recommend LDS. (Date: 26.11.2014) Engineer: Barry

Eleanor Farncombe, Treadam Farm and Barn and B&B, Abergavenny "Barry Cronin really took the time to show me the results of the various technical methods as he was running the tests, which I really appreciated, as this leak has been puzzling me now for a while! He also explained things in a way I could understand! Please thank him for that!" (Date: 15.11.2014) Engineer: Barry

Chris Hazelby at Silverglade, Heath Ride "I would like to pass on our complete satisfaction for your visit today by Barry Cronin. He was very thorough and friendly and checked out our water systems both inside and out. There is apparently no threat to the fabric of the building and we should be able to get a copy of his report, effectively a "clean bill of health" from Astral who requested the visit, to reassure any potential buyers (our house is on the market) who may have doubts should they view at a time when the area of bricks is showing signs of damp. This aspect was a serious concern ! Thank you Barry" (Date: 12.11.2014) Engineer: Barry
October 2014
Brian Carter, South End on Sea "Bernie has worked with me on 1 other leak detection and i found him to be very competent engineer .He detected the leak on what i would call a very difficult property he went about his job in a courteous and professional way . If i have any other jobs that require your services iwould not hesitate to call Bernie is a credit to your firm" (Date: 31.10.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Naim Lone, London "He was brilliant and a credit to your company. It is the experience with him that I am able to recommend your services. Courtious, efficient, no nonsence and completely dedicated to the task which is reflected in the fact that he found the leak in 2 hours-Marvelleous. Its a shame not all workers are the same as him. I'd like to say a special thanks to him." (Date: 30.10.2014) Engineer: Brett

Nick Piper, Newbury "A massive thank you to Bernie for putting up with all my questions, and most importantly, for finding the leak!!" (Date: 17.10.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Bernard Cole, Bedford "Excellent guy to work with." (Date: 16.10.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Charlie Zakss, Suffolk "Many thanks Lisa. Barry was really helpful and great at explaining things to me and my not so technical knowledge!" (Date:14.10.2014) Engineer: Barry
September 2014
Debra Feldman, Chigwell "Fantastic service. Bernie found the leak after about 3 hours. This had been missed by the company sent from my insurance company. We were able to show your report to our insurance company who will now process the claim. The original people sent to do the leak detection came back again and had to agree with Bernie's findings." (Date: 15.9.2014) Engineer: Bernie

David Harvey, Alton "Very efficient, arrived as agreed, very thorough and explained everything clearly. Mark was great. Report came through quickly. Thank you. Excellent value and impressed with level of service. We will happily recommend to friends, colleagues etc. Thank you." (Date: 2.9.2014) Engineer: Mark
August 2014
Steven Down, Essex, "Russell, your technican, arrived in advance of the appointment time and was vey polite. He explained the work carried out which appeared to be thorough in nature." (Date: 29.8.2014) Engineer: Russ

Fraserwater Services, London "Bernie arrived eariy set about the task at hand in courteous and professional manner a pleasure to have him on site TOP MAN. "(Date: 26.8.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Mr P Clark London "Simply Fabulous!" (Date: 8.8.2014) Engineer: Brett
July 2014
The Dean Water Hotel, Cheshire "Fantastic service, only phoned yesterday, real emergency and you found it no problem russ was great. Thank you so much We will use you again and recommend to others." (Date: 21.7.2014) Engineer: Russ

Phil Rudman, Burgess Hill "Russell was excellent at keeping us informed at each check he carried out.He was aware of our concerns and put himself out to explain the readings and make recommendations of suitable repairs." (Date: 17.7.2014) Engineer: Russ

Mr Ambrose Nottinghamshire "Just like to say your co operative Brett worked really hard and was very efficent telling me what he was doing along the way. Thank you very much." (Date: 11.7.2014) Engineer: Brett

Barbara Barnard, Fareham "Bernie checked everything thoroughly even after he found the leak, just to make sure that it was the only leak. He also gave us some extremely useful information . He showed me the leak, patiently explained, as my husband is disabled and couldn't see it himself. I now know what to tell the shoddy service engineer that came before Bernie - by myself! We thought he gave 100% plus and would certainly have him again ( hopefully we won't need him though). In comparison to the guy who serviced our boiler and told us it had no leak, Bernie was professional, and showed me the fault so I could see it for myself. Great advertisement for your business" (Date: 2.7.2014) Engineer: Bernie
June 2014
Simon Taylor, St. Albans "Many thanks for a prompt, professional and courteous service." (Date: 18.6.2014) Engineer: Barry

Mr Patel, London "The engineer made every effort to listen and evaluate the problem and through a systematic approach found the problem and resolved." (Date: 18.6.2014) Engineer: Barry
May 2014
Kuei Hsin Ko "Many thanks for the your professional service, especially Barry the engineer surveyor. We lifted the floor tile where the survey has suggested and the leak was there! Was caused by a uninsulated copper pipe resting on a brick. My plumber said that we would never have found it on our own." (Date: 23.5.2014) Engineer: Barry

Andrew Harrison (Works Engineer), BOC Immingham, North East Lincolnshire "Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent service we had from yourself and Barry. The leak was found exactly where Barry indicated. We have managed a temporary repair and our system is back in operation!" (Date: 2.5.2014) Engineer: Barry
April 2014
Kev Bow, Royal Clarence Marina "Please find attached photos of the leak which your engineers helped us to locate at Royal Clarence Marina on the 3/3/14. As you can see it was not in an easy place to find buried under the steps to the side of the plant room . Please can you thank your guys for their help it was much appreciated." (Date: 28.4.2014) Engineer: Mark and Bernie

Mrs Taylor, Dartford "I was extremely happy within the way Russell and his colleague worked to locate our leak. He was professional and thorough." (Date: 27.4.2014) Engineer: Russell

Julie Richmond, Poole "It was ensuring to know that Bernie was well experienced as a plumber from previous employments and came across as a professional." (Date: 23.4.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Mrs England, Swanage "The engineer was very informative and explained the problem very carefully. He was professional and efficient. We would recommend this company." (Date: 14.4.2014) Engineer: Russell

Jacqui Healey, Standon Hertfordshire SG11 1NX "Very pleased with the professional service provided and would reccommend LDS." (Date: 11.4.2014) Engineer: Brett

Glynis Bancroft, Eastwood "Very professional & explained everything clearly. Very impressed with him. Brett may like to know the leak was the drainage valve situated under the floorboards." (Date: 4.4.2014) Engineer: Brett

David Head, Farnham "Your engineer Russell was able to tell us more about our central heating system than British Gas engineers!Russell was efficient and friendly and had British Gas done their job properly with the leak sealer as Russell did when he drained down the CH system then I would probably not have needed the leak survey." (Date: 3.4.2014) Engineer: Russell

Cath Forrest, London "Barry was considerate and did the job very well." (Date: 1.4.2014) Engineer: Barry
March 2014
Philip Bryett, Windsor SL4 4UP Pleased with the service provided and would recommend LDS. (Date: 31.3.2014) Engineer:

Angela Simon, Sandbach "Bernie was thoroughly professional and efficient whilst at our property. He clearly explained the process and his findings and was evidently very knowledgable and experienced. He worked in a very tidy and organised manner and was a pleasure to have in our house!!" (Date: 24.3.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Kate Budgett, London "I wanted to let you know how very impressed I have been with your company's service. Bernie did a great job." (Date: 20.3.2014) Engineer: Bernie
February 2014
Tim Groves, Thameside Construction Ltd, Berkhempsted "Russell was a real credit to your business. 10/10 for whole performance." (Date: 24.2.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Peta Al Rais, London "Bernie was excellent and diligent and I wish I had known about your company 2 years ago-we could have saved ourselves a lot of time and stress.Bernie is excellent and very professional. He is very experienced and conscientious spending 6 hours approx at the property ascertaining the location of leaks. I am very impressed." (Date: 24.2.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Mr Sharp, Lincoln "Brett was very professional, calm and clean in his work. We were really worried and stressed with the whole affair but Brett found the leak and now it's been found and repaired, thank you so much." (Date: 18.2.2014) Engineer: Bret

Phil Johnson, Elsenham, Essex "Cracking service Bernie located the leak within 6 minutes. Will defiantly use you again thank you so much." (Date: 24.2.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Pete Williamson, Crabtree Property, Finchley "
Thanks for the excellent service and speed in getting the report to me. I didn't meet the engineer on site, the resident did but as far as i am aware they were very pleased with the service." (Date: 19.2.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Roger Bainbridge, Ferring By Sea, West Sussex
"Excellent service found the leak which is all we wanted." (Date: 18.2.2014) Engineer: Mark Hodge

Craig Shenton, Protec House, Lancashire
"Both engineers who attended our client’s site were very professional and knowledgeable. They arrived on time and assisted our engineers to locate the assumed leak on the underground fire ring main. The client is over the moon as this has been an on going issue for near 2+ years!! Thanks again" (Date: 17.2.2014) Engineer: Brett and Bernie
January 2014
Mr Rattray, Chesham "I was very pleased with the overall service provided by LDS. The engineer who dealt with my leak very professionally and would recommend LDS. Thank you." (Date: 24.1.2014) Engineer: Simon

Louis Phillips, Widegates Cornwall. "Dear Mark I write to express my satifaction regarding the conduct of both you and your staff during my recent water leak episode. Both of your technicians, Lee and Bernie, worked extremely hard to locate the leak after arriving promptly at the agreed time. They were courteous and supportive during what was a trying time for both Jenny and myself. I was particularly appreciative of their efforts when I learned of the extremely early starts they have to make to reach us here in Cornwall. May I express my appreciation of your understanding and confidence-boosting manner when I spoke to you on the phone. The whole episode was conducted with skill and professionalism and I wholeheartedly commend LDS as a company of the highest calibre. Please convey my sentiments to Lee and Bernie, and I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year." (Date: 19.1.2014) Engineer: Lee Dolman and Bernie Clark

Chris Strevett, Worthing West Sussex
"Mark was very professional and the report was forwarded within a day, thanks." (Date: 19.1.2014) Engineer: Mark Hodge

Penny Heyes, Wooburn Green "
Your engineer Barry, was very professional and as considerate as possible given the stressful situation. He was also very helpful in suggesting solutions to the problem which we have now taken into consideration." (Date: 19.1.2014) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Mrs Blackburn, Huddersfield "
I wish to thank you for your services given to me on Sunday 22nd December 2013 in my home. Your employee, Bernie detected and repaired a leak in my central heating system after almost 2 weeks of problems and personal pressure. I found Bernie to be most professional and efficient. His calm attitude I found very reassuring. The help and advice he gave me was very kind, helpful and I was able to return to normality. Again my sincere gratitude." (Date: 17.1.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Faizul Faizi, Isleworth, Middlesex "I was very satisfied with the service your engineer Barry provided today in locating my leak. He was courteous, informative, knowledgeable and dealt with my leak professionally, thank you." (Date: 12.1.2014) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Sue Polhill, Buckingham "Today we had a visit from a member of your team called Berni. He really is a credit to your organisation. He was very professional in everything he did and was extremely thorough. He also delivers bad news very nicely! Should we ever require your services again I would ask that he visits us." (Date: 10.1.2014) Engineer: Bernie

Andrew Etchells, Watford "Lee was a lovely bloke who clearly loves his job - and his enthusiasm for the service and his equipment were a pleasant contrast to a lot of the people we have dealt with when having household issues." (Date: 2.1.2014) Engineer: Lee Dolman

Testimonials 2013

Testimonials 2013
Richard Falk, Haxey "Just wanting to confirm in writing how impressed I have been with your company's service once more. Your engineer was efficient and polite and went beyond my expectations in trying to sort the problem today. Many thanks and best wishes for the festive season". (Date: 23.12.2013) Engineer: Lee Dolman

Louis Phillips, Widegates, Cornwall "Bernie worked to the best of his ability following very early starts to be on site at the agreed time. Both showed a very concerned,professional approach to their task." (Date: 23.12.2013) Engineer: Bernie

Andy Twose, Westonzoyland, "The detection of gas was very quick and obviously the leak was close by. We were given a spot to dig but even after opening quite a long trench we found no pipe or substantial water ingress into the trench. I have returned today and opened a longer trench at right angles and now found the leak. The leak was actually 2.1 meteres from the indicated spot. Without LDS we would not have had a hope in hell so glad we used the service. The area above the leak is gravel but unbeknown to me the gravel sits on 3 inches or so of rough concrete so I think the gas was running under the concrete and then under some slaps before exiting from the weakest point where the slabs butt the house wall." (Date: 19.12.2013) Engineer: Lee Dolman

John Fisher, The Dairy, Romford. "Lee was very professional and thorough. Based on my experience I would not hesitate to recommend the LDS service." (Date: 17.12.2013) Engineer: Lee Dolman

Russ Ian Hodgkinson "Fantastic from the office to the engineer. Bernie - fantastic great worker and very knowledgable."(Date: 20.12.2013) Engineer: Bernie

Glen Willingham, Operation Manager; Kings Park Village "I would like to say a big thank you to your team in helping me with the water that was being lost in my park. Especially Barry, his work has been outstanding down to finding a leak within one to three meters. You helped me save about 800 cubic meters of water a week!! Happy Christmas and New Year" (Date: 20.12.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Russell Light - Maintenance Manager "I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency that Barry Cronin identified the damp problem that we have had for several months, and other contractors that we have employed have not. Many thanks for a good job."(Date: 20.12.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Sharon Cartmell, Northfleet Technology College, Kent "I was really pleased with the quickness of detecting the water leak and advice given. Thank you much." (Date: 18.12.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Helen Camfield, Harpenden "Russell was polite, patient and calmly explained his findings, thank you." (Date: 16.12.2013) Engineer: Russell

Mike Turner, Helmdon: Nothamptonshire "I was very pleased with the service provided by the engineer who dealt with my leak very professionally and would recommend LDS. Very satisfied thank you." (Date: 05.12.2013) Engineer: Lee Dolman

Mrs Jean Leeming: Kirtlingotn, Oxon "Thank you for finding my leak, a very professional service."(Date: 06.12.2013) Engineer: Bernie

Mr Lararus: Manningtree, Essex "Many thanks for your help today Mark and a special thanks to Bernie who is an asset to your company!" (Date: 04.12.2013) Engineer: Mark Hodge and Bernie

Claire Griffiths. Kent "Barry the engineer was very courteous and arrived at very short notice and got the job done efficiently." (Date: 21.11.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Mrs Clapshaw, Devon "I was very pleased with the service. Thank you Lee in finding our leak." (Date: 12.11.2013) Engineer: Lee Dolman

Mr Binley, Denford "The central heating leak has been fixed !! I can to praise Lee enough. He immediately installed confidence on his arrival and is a very good ambassador for your company. We were considering renting our own thermal camera and finding the leak ourselves . I am sure we would have spent hours even days trying to find it, and looking at where the leak is and the dry area around it, I am sure we would not have found it ourselves before spending a great deal more money than we paid you."(Date: 8.11.2013) Engineer: Lee Dolman

Mr Binley, Denford "I was very impressed with Marks telephone manner & knowledge." (Date: 5.11.2013) Engineer: Mark Hodge<

Ray Charmak, Brighton "He was spot on. photos to follow well done and Thanks." (Date: 5.11.2013) Engineer: Mark Hodge

Mrs M White, London "Just wanted to say a big thank you for sending Barry to detect my leak today. He detected the leak and reassured me that there is nothing to worry about and that it would soon be resolved. Also, at my request he turned the water mains off, which is the first time in ages that I cannot hear running water under the floor, which has kept me awake for the last 3 nights. Once again a big thank you for sending such an experienced man I was delighted with the service" (Date: 31.10.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Sandra Smith, Ashford, Kent "Barry has visited my property this afternoon to undertake a gas test in the hope of moving my insurance claim forward. He took time to explain the process and results to me, which I very much appreciated as I have no technical background, was thorough and very polite and professional. Please pass my thanks for his patience on to him in due course." (Date: 30.10.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Kalpesh Joshi, Middlesex "Please be advised of the following service that was provided by your team member, Mr Barry Cronin. I was very impressed with his customer service, knowledge, care and understanding of the problem we were faced with and how he kept us informed throughout his inspection work. It is so nice to see someone who can see the whole picture and not just the problem. An absolute pleasure and would recommend him highly." (Date: 23.10.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Mr Dass, Slough "Barry, the engineer was a lovely wonderful person, many thanks for locating my leak so grateful thank you very much indeed and to the office staff for being so helpful." (Date: 16.10.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Mr Ganesh, Langley, Slough "The engineer was very approachable and left the area clean and tidy" (Date: 11.10.2013) Engineer: Mark Hodge

Sonja Johannessen, Hilperton Marsh, Wiltshire "The 2 engineers were excellent. Welldone Chaps." (Date: 11.10.2013) Engineer: Mark Hodge and Bernie

Andy Scott, Fareham "Just to say so many thanks for juggling everything to ensure your Engineer got to me yesterday, I have nothing but praise for your company, a great professional service so many thanks. British gas have been here all morning and fixed the problem. Again so many thanks. You and your engineer have made three people very happy. " (Date: 9.10.2013) Engineer: Mark Hodge

Judith Latheron "I just wanted to let you know that Brett successfully identified where our central heating leak was. We had our floor dug up on Friday and the leak was in the area that Brett had marked out. I would be grateful if you could thank Brett for his hard work and determination to find the source of our massive water loss. I have been very impressed with your company and with the efforts made to minimise damage to property when tracing leaks. I will most certainly recommend you to anyone who might find themselves in a similar position." (Date: 6.10.2013) Engineer: Brett Hughes

Mr. Devlukia, Ilford "We had a specialist in today named Barry, who had been referred by homeserve to find a leak. He managed to identify the problem being the shower. He went down in the celler to see the extent of the damage and told me it was severly wet everywhere down there when we ran the shower. He told me what I was dealing with, where others coudnt. He told me the extent of water damage which could even make the kitchen unsafe to access. He even gave me advise on how to deal with the issue for which I will follow. I understand that he will be writing a report to homeserve, which will enable us to take the step. Thanks" (Date: 3.10.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Mrs D Jayne, Wales "Hello, Just wanted to pass on the comments from a very impressed Policyholder following the visit by your technician; "During my earlier conversation with Mrs Jayne she wanted to express how impressed she was with the gentleman who attended from LDS, she was very impressed with how polite and hard he worked whilst at the property." Paul, just wanted to keep you aware of the good work by LDS Many Thanks Simon Morris Claims Handler LAS Claims Management Ltd" (Date: 27.9.2013) Engineer: Lee Dolman

Mr Eglinton, County Durham "We are delighted with the work carried out at our property last week. Brett worked hard and was very tidy. Saving us a lot of money thank you very much. We will recommend you." (Date: 26.9.2013) Engineer: Brett Hughes

T.Hargittai, Orpington "Your engineer, Barry, came yesterday to diagnose internal leaks in the above house. I would like to praise him for his manner and endeavours to detect the water leaks. He identified a major leak (from a downstairs toilet). This is a problem which has been ongoing for a very long while and caused us a lot of expense and stress. We can't thank you - and particularly Barry - enough for finding the root of the problem. I took readings from yesterday to today (24 hours) and they show the consumption has dropped by 450 litres - hence the leak! Many many thanks." (Date: 27.9.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Teresa Austin, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire "I am writing just to say what a really helpfull and efficient member of staff you have who called out to our property on Friday 13th September to detect a leak for Homeserve. His name is Barry but unfortunately I didn't catch his surname. He was extremely polite and most sympathetic. I have to say I think he is a credit to your company and I think it's only right you are told. People are very quick to complain but never quick enough to give credit when it is due." (Date: 16.9.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Mr Shaddock from Norwich "I was very pleased with the job Brett did this morning. He was professional, polite and exceptionally knowledgeable and found the leak which was a great relief. Please can I pass on his thanks and utmost praise." (Date: 12.9.2013) Engineer: Brett Hughes

Glyn Jacks, Merseyside "Hi Lisa could i just thank you for your prompt and efficent service once again and could you also thank Barry and Bernard for their excellent work and look forward to working with you again. Many thanks Glyn Jacks" (Date: 11.9.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin and Bernard Clark

Mrs Clifton "I was very pleased with how Russell put himself over in all ways. Appearance, how he explained what he was doing, professionalism – everything. Praise where its due." (Date: 6.9.2013) Engineer: Russell Noble

Polly Grahamn, Vitol Building Services Ltd, London "Francesco was full of praise for Simon and the work he did." (Date: 3.9.2013) Engineer: Simon Flemming

Jill Jones, Broker Direct Plc, Bolton, Lancashire "Just to say.. they found the leak!.. and now it has been repaired.. which is great! I would also like to say how impressed we all were with Lee… very professional, very polite… We would definitely recommend your company/service/staff. What a refreshing change! Thanks once again for all your help!" (Date: 26.8.2013) Engineer: Lee Dolman

Martina Harley, Witney "Simon was amazing, thank you so much for finding my leak." (Date: 13.8.2013) Engineer: Simon Flemming

Melanie Davies, Shadwell, West Yorkshire "Excellent service from the engineer Brett who came out twice and successfully detected our longstanding leak after had no success with various plumbers and heating engineers. We subsequently had another leak and it turned out that they were due to mice! Thanks Brett." (Date: 07.08.2013) Engineer: Brett Hughes

Julie Gibson, Holme on Spalding Moor, Yorkshire "I would like to say the engineer who arrived at my house was very polite and informative. He explained everything to me and also took off his shoes to walk around the house." (Date: 13.07.2013) Engineer: Mark Hylands

Mrs Grillo, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire Homeserve Team Janette regarding customer Mrs Grillo, Gerrards Cross, Bucks "Please pass on compliments to the attending engineer for the above property, Mrs Grillo paid compliment." (Date: 30.07.2013) Engineer: Brett Hughes

Michelle Halifax, Surrey "I would just like to let you know how professional your engineer was today, I am not sure of his name. He was very polite, courteous and was very articulate in his work. A credit to you." (Date: 15.07.2013) Engineer: Brett Hughes

Mr Cable, Bishop Storford "Mark worked very hard and professional, thank you." (Date: 13.06.2013) Engineer: Mark Hyland

Steve Drinkwater, London "Many thanks for your report. Brett was great yesterday. He went above and beyond what I expected from him. He was both professional and very personable in his work. Please pass our regards and thanks for his work. It looks now that we have ticked off another source of the problems. Brett suggested a couple of potential next steps which we will now follow up. Again, thanks for your support and great service" (Date: 13.06.2013) Engineer: Brett Hughes

Mrs Aldridge, Norfolk "Very thorough lovely engineer who did a great job and couldn’t have been more helpful thank you very much." (Date: 13.06.2013) Engineer: Brett Hughes

Julie Robinson, Bradford "A lovely engineer, very polite and exceptionally dedicated to his job. He found the problem that 9 other companies couldn't! Would defiantely recommend LDS." (Date: 10.06.2013) Engineer: Mark Hylands

Mark Axon, Kent "I wanted to say thank you for excellent service we received from your service engineer yesterday. He explained what he was doing no why and located the leak that has 'evaded' plumbers, heating engineers and Homeserves best for some time. I would certainly recommend your company and your engineer. In the days of cowboy builders it was a real pleasure to meet a true professional." (Date: 08.06.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Mrs G Crayford-Venn, Aylesbury "Thank you very much, Lee was fantastic." (Date: 03.06.2013) Engineer: Lee Dolman

John Murrells, Berkshire "Firstly, I wanted to let you know that Russell attended promptly this morning and conducted a thorough diagnosis of the apparent water leak. Given the size of the property, this took some time. He was extremely methodical, courteous and was careful to keep soft furnishings clean etc. Using several techniques, he was able to locate the source of the leak to an underfloor CH feed pipe, laid under screed in a hallway cupboard. We were able to verify this after having excavated a small area. I'm convinced that there would have been no way of finding this leak without the assistance of Russell and the resultant damage would have been so much worse. Please pass on my thanks again to Russell Noble and be assured that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company in future." (Date: 31.05.2013) Engineer: Russell Noble

Vickie Tomkins, New Eltham, London "I am writing to express my satisfaction with the services provided by the engineers who attended my property on Friday 10th May. The two engineers were extremely efficient in detecting a leak from a radiator pipe buried in concrete which had remained undetected following several visits from various engineers sent from our insurers. Both engineers demonstrated the highest level of consideration for my family and were polite and courteous at all times. Please pass on my appreciation. " (Date: 10.05.2013) Engineers: Barry Cronin and Brett Hughes

Mrs Fairfax, Staplehurst, Kent" Thank you for emailing the report and receipt following your engineer's inspection on 3rd May at my cottage in Staplehurst, Kent. I was very impressed with LDS. It was easy to arrange an appointment. I was given a time to expect your engineer. He rang to say he would be slightly delayed, which I much appreciated. Barry (your engineer) was quietly efficient and inspired confidence. It was obvious he was thoroughly expert at his job and he was able to detect the leak as well checking the whole system, which was reassuring. I hope it does not sound patronising if I say that Barry was polite? I would like to thank him, as well as LDS, for an excellent job. I will be forwarding the report to the heating firm I use, with a recommendation about LDS in case they have other clients who may need to use your firm." (Date: 03.05.2013) Engineer: Barry Cronin

Shelly Farrow, Croxton "Russell was brilliant. He is very professional and knowledgeable and found the leak very quickly." (Date: 07.05.2013) Engineer: Russell Noble

Ceri Davies, Cardiff "Lee gave us confidence in the way he handled the problem, and his wide knowledge base he was also very polite and easy to have round. Also checked with us next day that eveything was ok. Excellent ambassador for your company. I only wish I could refer all our heating servicing to Lee. Many thanks." (Date: 17.04.2013) Engineer: Lee Dolman

Avril Barnes, Northumberland "Absolutely superb service. I am at last able to wash the dishes having not had hot water since Xmas. Special thanks to Mark from Bridlington for coming out on a Sunday and being 150% professional. Also found the whole detection process really interesting. Thank you!" (Date: 15.04.2013) Engineer: Mark Hyland

Stuart Cleevely, Guildford "The chap that came out to us was brilliant. Very polite, thoroughly knowledgeable and a credit to your company. Happily we have the leak fixed now and need to go through the insurance pain... " (Date: 03.04.2013) Engineer: Mark Hodge

Portland Prison, Dorset "We found the leak today within 1 foot of the 'X' marked by your operatives. I attach photos for your information. Thank you for your assistance." (Date: 28.03.2013)

Mrs Walker, Norwich "Russell was absolutely brilliant and a credit to the company." (Date: 22.03.2013)

Amanda Wenban "I was really pleased with the work that Mark did - he kept me informed of the services he was carrying out and worked hard to find the source of the leak. Would highly recommend him and the service offered by LDS." (Date: 14.02.2013)

Mr Patel, Birmingham "I had never heard of Leak Detection, I had many plumbers try to find my leak but Brett was spot on!" (Date: 15.01.2013) Engineer: Brett Hughes

Guy Nicholls & Paul Rousou in Gosport, Hampshire "Thank you for the Service provided at San Diego Road in Gosport. Here is a picture of the leak which was embedded about 6 inches into a concrete floor, your detection could not have been more accurate and we only opened up about 18” of the flooring. Simon (If I recall correctly) was a lovely chap to deal with and most helpful. All the best and Happy New Year" (Date: 1.01.2013)

Testimonials 2012

Testimonials 2012
Vincent Kelsall, Altringham "Many thanks for your help on my initial contact with you, and to Lee for the extremely efficient methods he employed and for his explanation and discussion as the tests progressed. Our relief on finding the source of the trouble cannot be described." (Date: 9.11.2012)

Mrs Smith, Pembroke "Simon was so thorough and did a great job today and I would recommend him to anyone." (Date: 30.10.2012)

Steve Wigglesworth, Birmingham "Hi Lisa, many thanks for your help in this problem. Your engineer arrived promptly and was very thorough, professional and friendly in finding the leak, please pass on our thanks to Barry as well. " (Date: 4.10.2012)

Mrs Bloom, London "After a problematic survey to locate a leak under membrane and double tiles. Michael pinpointed the leak, removing only one tile in the bathroom to repair the leak. I am very happy with the results, thank you. " (Date: 12.06.2012)

North Yorkshire "Thank you Lee for detecting our leak. We were very concerned and you put our minds at rest with your professionalism and expertise." (Date: 8.06.2012)

Mrs Padgett, County Durham "Thank you so much, Lee is a credit to the company. He was pleasant and calm when I was getting stressed. He worked non stop until he found the leak which was very difficult. Its not often you get such great service, Michael and Mark were also very helpful on the phone." (Date: 23.05.2012)

Andrew, "Fantastic job. Your usual high standard and professional work completed. Many thanks from the high level team. " (Date: 23.04.2012)

Elaine, Waltham Abbey, Essex "Had a mysterious leak somewhere on the ground floor of our house, seeing as we have a tiled kitchen diner and concrete floors to two other reception rooms, I was dreading employing a builder to dig up and investigate. There is no need for the prospect of lots of messy work, as Lee found the leak in our utility room. He was very polite, thorough and charming with my two year old son. Leak found, builders now employed and only a small area of floor to come up. Thank you for your excellent service." (Date: 20.04.2012)

Kate Hill, "The overall impression, from firstly speaking to you and then when Lee arrived and found the leak was excellent and extremely professional - thank you very much. " (Date: 23.02.2012)

Mr Taylor, Stourbridge "I would like you to know that Lee is a credit to your company. He made sure that his job was sorted and saw it all the way through to the end. If all you operatives are like Lee you will have a successful company. Please pass my gratitude onto him. I will also pass these thoughts onto my insurance company. "(Date: 20.02.2012)

Mrs Patterson, Norfolk "Lee worked exceptional hard to locate our leak which was spot on. Thank you. " (Date: 25.01.2012)

Testimonials 2011

Testimonials 2011
Mr Osbourne, Cheshire "Thank you so much to Lee, he located our leak that 2 other companies failed to find. Fantastic job,very courteous and hard working."

Mark Cunningham MNAEA DEA, Turner Property Management, Merseyside "Very impressed with Lee and Mark. Great Lads. Very professional, very skilled, would definately be using you guys again."

Richard "Thanks very much for your companies professional services.You certainly helped to reduce the time scale in locating the leak and proved that by having the correct equipment and personnel, unlike the shower of you know what that was sent in by the school originally, the leak was easily found. Could you also thank Mark for his services."
"I will have no hesitation in recommending your company in the future".

Graham Travers "Thank you very much. The detection was very efficient, and much quicker than I expected ! You may like to know that the leak was exactly where your engineer said it was, right next to the soil pipe in the corner. It turned out to be a small hole worn in the underside of the rising cold water main, the copper of which was bright and shiny. It seems that this must have been worn away by a rubbing action against the underlying concrete, as the overlying central heating pipes expanded and contracted, thus pushing the cold main downwards. The lack of visible water from the leak may be due to the water running down the outside of the soil pipe, and along the trench under the floor in which it lies.The leak is now completely fixed."

Ben "We are extremely impressed with the service from LDS and from Mark in particular. He was fantastic on both sites that he came to this week. We have a large portfolio of properties and as you can imagine a lot of leaks so we will undoubtedly be coming to you for future leaks. Many Thanks"

Barry Croucher "Again many thanks for all the help your company have given me and especially Barry who was fantastic. Should you wish to use the following statement on your website I would have no objection whatsoever. "An amazing well run and professional company which solved my leak and saved me thousands of pounds which otherwise would have meant me ripping floors and possible walls down, welldone"."

Margery, Lancashire "I would like to thank LDS for all your help last week in finding the leak at St Anne's Church, it was exactly where Mark & Lee said it was, we dug the floor up on Monday the heating engineer replaced a length of pipe and 2 bends on Wed. what a relief we would never have found it without the help of LDS Thank you. "(Date: 11.11.2011)

KENT "Can you please pass my thanks to Mark & Barry who are a credit to your company, working really hard to locate my leak."

Barry Porter "I have been very impressed by the support offered by your company, and particularly by the engineer, and I am very grateful for your help Many thanks."

West Yorkshire. "Many thanks .I hope not to phone you again but won’t hesitate in Recommending you to friends."

John "Thanks for the report Lisa, it’s very thorough, and thanks again to Barry. He was a pleasure to have here, he clearly knew his stuff, and his advice was invaluable."


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